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The upmost care is taken when each design is created ready for you to do the same when you purchase your new leather piece. As with all leather products, they are designed to wear with you and age over time - just like a good wine; however to ensure the longevity of your leather/suede regular treatment should be made on your item. 

When using leather care products, we always suggest to try it on a test patch first before treating the entire product and regularly condition it every 3-6 months.

With our leathers being in their most natural form, please be aware there may be slight discolouration as the item ages and transferring of colour may occur when worn.

We recommend Oakwood Leather products to keep your leather in top condition.

To purchase Oakwood products, you can find their entire range on their website: www.oakwoodproducts.com

If you have any questions regarding leather care, feel free to contact us on our contact page to ensure your leather is treated properly.