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From a hobby of creating personal pieces by experimenting with different leathers and hair on hide, Studio Koak was established in 2015 when I created homewares to sell to stores around Tasmania. I originally worked off my kitchen table and toyed with the idea of creating accessories from high quality leather and hair on hide.

By hand selecting my leather locally, I fell in love with the hides in their most raw and natural state; using branding, growth lines, natural edges, marks and scars as features.

Every piece that was created out of my studio has been designed from inspiration around the piece of leather sourced to truly showcase all of its features. This is where my passion for designing unique individually crafted handbags began to take off. 

As a mother of two young boys (which keep me incredibly busy), I'm truly passionate about what I continue to create and ensure there is a little bit of my soul in every piece. I am continually changing, creating and evolving my designs so rest assured, there is never two pieces that are the same! 

Owner & Designer