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Sycamore Necklace - Oxidised Copper


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Product Type: Neckwear

Vendor: Studio Koak


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This statement necklace is handcrafted from naturally shed sycamore seeds from my garden in North West Tasmania and crafted into a unique piece of wearable art. 

The process used is called electroforming - a controlled deposition of metal over an object, using an electrical current. This method allows me to capture the form of organic materials, and create beautiful textured settings for a variety of materials. Your piece has been intentionally oxidised to achieve the desired finish or patina. 

The pendant which almost looks antique rose gold, is attached to a 40 cm stainless steel black plated chain.


approximate pendant length: 4.5 cm -  width: 3 cm 

Necklace length: approximately 40 cm  

NOTE: please note that each item is made to order and thus every piece will be completely unique as nature intended - I am more that happy to send pictures prior to sending your item.



Do not submerge, or expose to perfumes/chemicals, and clean with a soft dry cloth. While strengthened by the electroforming process, you new piece of wearable art can still be considered delicate and will require your tender loving care to ensure longevity. 

Copper can sometimes leave a blue stain on skin - this is natural, harmless, and dependent on individual skin chemistry. Most of my pieces have been sealed with a liquid sealant to help prevent this.




This bag has been made from high quality leather in its most natural form.

To maintain the original appearance of this product, we highly recommend you keep this product dry and avoid contact with wet or rough surfaces.

Care should be taken when using your new bag as there may be some colour transfer.

Please do not use chemical cleaners to care for this product. See information for correct Leather Care of our products here.